We believe that there is no paucity of good people. God is everywhere and in every human being, we are always ardent and excited to welcome passionate and dedicated volunteer to our Nirbhed Family.

We know that in every human being there are some hidden moments/scene from our past where we have seen/met some needy/poor outside our home, at railway station, bus stop, may be outside our office or any other place where we wanted to help some poor/needy, however due to unfavorable conditions we could't.

As this is not the end of life, and if you still have positive intentions and creative skills then Nirbhed Foundation provides you the platform where you can multiply your positivity resulting in muliplying the happiness to thousands of poor people who really seek your help.

You can join us by contacting us at 9599044255 or email us at nirbhedfoundation@gmail.com:-

  1. Become a Volunteer
    Your experience, skill, talent, knowledge and most important your passion to help the poor and to bring a positive upliftment of society. This is what our nation and we need. You can take part as a volunteer by contacting us in the following:-
    1. As a teacher to teach -elementary education
    2. As Management Assistance
    3. Handling Day-to-Day center related work
    4. As content writing such as newsletter, articles etc
    5. Teaching extracurricular activities such as dancing, singing, yoga, drawing & Craft etc
    6. To take part in miscellaneous activities
  2. Financial/ material assistance
    We welcome financial as well as material assistance like books, cloths, stationary, food(our volunteer will collect it from your home), computers, furniture
  3. Donate a part of your salary/saving.
  4. Sponsor a child.

Internship programme for college students:-

  1. Teaching
  2. Fund Raising
  3. Volunteer Our Activity
  4. Marketing
  5. Surveying

After completion of activity NIRBHED FOUNDATION will provide you certificates as well (if required)